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Chick Lit Uncovered endeavors to review the latest novels, and I’m always delighted to receive review copies of books from publishers and authors. Receiving a new book makes my day! I accept hard copies of novels and, seeing as my Kindle is my best friend, in e-book format too. If you would like to send or suggest a book for review, simply drop me an email.

Chick Lit Uncovered, as the name suggests, mainly focuses on contemporary women’s fiction, though other genres may be considered providing they fit into the female fiction criteria. I tend to review thrillers and crime novels now and again. Please do not pitch or send self-help books, young adult fiction or erotica.

Reviews posted on Uncovered are honest. I like to provide readers with my own personal opinion on the book and will be truthful. I am aware – trust me - of how much time and hard work is dedicated to writing a novel, and so it would hurt me to have to post a negative review. However, should constructive criticism be required, it will be given – but that doesn't mean to say that someone else won’t like it! A review rating of 1-5 (1 = ‘didn’t enjoy it one bit’ to 5 = ‘an absolutely fantastic read, highly recommended’) is provided for every novel reviewed on the blog.


Self-published novels and authors are featured on Chick Lit Uncovered and we always like to hear about more. If you are a self-published chick-lit writer and would like to get in touch about your novel, please feel free to send an email.

Uncovered features self-published novels on the basis of consideration. I get many emails about self-published titles and these are gratefully received, though with the high number of books that are sent to me each month, it is quite hard to get through every single one. In a perfect world, I would spend all day every day reading and reviewing in a spacious, old library – possibly on a chaise longue, and probably in my pants and with wine – but alas, my full-time day job and own writing often prevents me from doing so. Therefore I have to be a little selective and will generally only tend to review those which I feel are a good fit for the site.

Please note that I would rather be honest if my review schedule is full; please do not be offended if your book is turned down at that time.

If you would like further information or would like to contact to discuss a book, please send an email at

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